Due to the current pandemic and our decision to open we have compiled a list of questions we believe you would like answers to. If we haven't answered a question you may have, please complete the contact form below, or give us a call.

Frequently Asked Questions

As we have the fortune to be based in such a wonderful open space. We would ask you to (whilst socially distancing) make yourself known to our staff who will check you in and inform you of the next steps.
We will have hand sanitizer, anti-bacterial wipes, gloves and masks available for you to use.
The canoe/kayak seats & gunwhales, paddles, buoyancy aids, and drybags will be cleaned before and after they are used.
Following some simple instructions, we will guide you through entering and exiting the boats.
Of course, we would recommend bringing your own PPE. However, you are welcome to use ours if you would like.
We have limited our booking system to only allow 5 boats to be booked on each timeslot. As such, we ask you to be extra aware of your timings and please try not to be late.
We will only allow those who are in the same household to be on the same boat.
The locks reopened by Saturday 23rd May, allowing normal travel on the River Thames upriver from us. However, the locks down river may still be closed. In which case you will need to 'portage' the boat around the lock (pick it up and walk it around).
The best way to pay is to book online. We won't be accepting cash payments on the day, but our card machine will be available.

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