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Frequently Asked Questions

Not at all. You’ll get a quick lesson and will pick it up really quickly!
Yes! 5 Years and upwards.
Yes. All passengers will be required to wear buoyancy aids at all times and if you follow the simple river rules and our safety advice you’ll be completely safe! Our canoes have been selected to be very stable too. For more information about life jackets and buoyancy aids click here:
We supply your canoe, paddles and buoyancy aids for all participants. Take a look HERE at what we suggest you bring.
We think that 2 miles per hour is an achievable pace in our canoes, Obviously some will be faster than others. We think that 10 miles is the maximum in a day for amateur paddlers. This also gives the chance to stop a few times and take in the scenery and take refreshments. Rushing on the river is never a great idea!
A maximum of three adults or two adults and two children – find out more about our canoes HERE.
Call us to discuss. We would hope to accommodate if we possibly can, and if not can suggest alternative specialist adaptive boats that will allow all people to experience the joy of the river.
Probably best not to bring your dog as you need to be concentrating on controlling your boat, but you can call us to discuss.
We are governed by the Environment Agency river conditions for our insurance purposes. So if the river is on yellow or red board, you cannot go in our canoes. For current river info click HERE.
You can do either! We would suggest that you paddle through the locks when the lock keeper is on duty and portage if the lock is unmanned.
We hold £5m PL insurance (please contact us for further details). For more technical questions regarding cancellations, payments, refunds and deposits we suggest you take a look at our Terms and Conditions 

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